BiQ Sensei – Martial Arts & Business

BiQ Partners are proud to announce the new and revolutionary business coaching and consulting system called Black Belt Business.

As seen on BBC, here at BiQ Partners, we have proven that the combination of Martial Arts, Business Consulting and Mind Coaching can make the difference between failure and success. The first edition of Black Belt Business has inspired many to take action and be in charge of the future of their business.


Not only were the delegates inspired and motivated, but they also received training and coaching which will help them in sales, marketing, strategy and other areas of their business. The connection between Martial Arts and business is not only empowering but also relevant and effective; Martial Arts can help anyone become and remain fit both physically and mentally which in turn has a great positive impact on our professional lives.

Between them, Luca and Massimo have more than 50 years of experience in Martial Arts, Business Coaching, Mind Coaching and Business Consulting and the interests of TV as well as clients like Premier Foods PLC who already took advantage of this powerful new format underlines the effectiveness of this cocktail.

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