Black Belt Executive Coaching for Premier Food

BIQ Partners Ltd has recently delivered an innovative team coaching workshop to the sales department of Premier Food.

Luca Senatore and Massimo Gaetani, founders of BIQ Group, use martial arts concepts and philosophies to coach businesses on how to improve their performance, increase sales and achieve higher goals in less time.

“Training martial arts” – explains Massimo Gaetani – “requires, among other things, discipline, determination, motivation and consistency; the same principles, which are often given for granted, are key in the workplace although most people do lack them and therefore encounter more difficulties than they would otherwise. The good news is that these principles and strategies can easily be transferred by trained and experienced coaches/trainers.

The 3 hour workshop, part of a full day conference organized by Premier Food for their sales teams, started with a presentation which highlighted the similarities between martial arts and business and how martial arts training can bring benefits to personal performance in business.  It continued with a quiz to ensure that the concepts were properly assimilated by delegates and concluded with some real martial arts training performed by the various teams in order to put to the test  their newly acquired skills

Luca Senatore added: “we were amazed of the results we managed to achieve with this group; every workshop is different and unique in its own sense  and the final outcome  depends by the group we are work with.  Our combined experience of over 40 years in martial arts training and corporate coaching, allows us to easily adapt to the group’s  specific needs and combine a broad range of techniques that really work and which can produce measurable results”.

BIQ Partners delivered the first “Black Belt Executive Coaching” workshops in April, attracting the interest of BBC news.  For more information about how you could help your staff increase motivation, determination and deliver better performance, please contact BIQ Partners on 01223 353 351 or via Email  You can also follow BIQ Partners on twitter @biq_uk.

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