You may make it on your own but it’s going to be really hard and it will probably take you a really long time…

A Coaching Group for Business Growth™ (CGfBG™) is like having your own board of directors; a pool of experienced colleagues there to help you, coach you and assist you in growing your business. It is a proven methodology consisting of strategies and techniques which will help you achieve more results in less time.

Imagine if you could have a consultant, a coach and up to 10 colleagues or partners who focus all their energy on resolving a challenge that alone you found hard to overcome; how much more time would you have?

A CGfBG™ is like having a sales trainer, a marketing consultant, a business coach and a board of directors without the high fees.  Call us now for a free consultation and find out how a CGfBG™ can help you shape your business to be successful and rewarding.

Definition and introduction

A CGfBG™ is a group of business owners, senior managers and professionals, in complementary sectors, that are motivated and committed to grow their respective businesses: they meet regularly to exchange ideas and suggestions to help each other in the process.  Each person’s dedication and full participation to the CGfBG™ activities is key for the group’s success.  All members of the CGfBG™ give feedback to each other, help brainstorm new possibilities, and rely on an accountability structure that keeps them focused and on track.

The whole process is facilitated by a trained professional coach that has the necessary experience, qualifications and expertise to maximise the effectiveness of the group as well as for each individual member.

As a member you get to belong to a community of supportive colleagues who will work together with you to move the group to new heights.  Diversity of people, culture, background and previous experiences allows each member to see other members’ issues and problems from a completely different point of view and help them to resolve them swiftly and effectively.

Every time members get together it is like having a board meeting and brainstorming session all at once.

The coach’s role

The coach facilitates the smooth running of each meeting and ensures that every participant is at the same time contributing and getting a proper return for his/her contribution.  Working regularly with a coach helps all participants to understand how coaching techniques can help run their business better, manage staff, clients or suppliers while improving key skills that can facilitate their sales process.

Group members gain tremendous insights, which can improve their business in ways they could never imagine.  The CGfBG™ is like having an objective board of directors, with the advantage that they are not biased by one’s perception of his/her own business and they help their “out of the box thinking”.

Format and Agenda

CGfBG™ members meet once per month and have a monthly conference call in between so they effectively get in touch every two weeks.

All meetings follow a well structured agenda that allows sharing of information, issues and challenges among members; the meeting is organised in a number of specific time slots to stimulate and ensure both one-to-one and group wide conversations.  During a meeting all members are organised in pairs and they will work with their temporary partner until the following meeting when new pairs will be formed.

Tangible benefits for members

Belonging to CGfBG™ offers a broad range of benefits for all members. Here is a list of the most obvious ones:

  • Help to grow your business, bring it to the next level at a pace that is challenging, suits your management style and your availability of time and resources (minimum standards apply)
  • Acquiring diverse experiences, skills and improved confidence
  • Real progress in your business and personal life
  • An instant, valuable and available support network
  • Total confidentiality guaranteed by code of ethics and NDA
  • Great networking and business opportunities because of the trust built among the group members
  • Design things to be the way you want them to be, not as you’ve been told they “should” be.

Expected profile of applicants

New applicants for a CGfBG™ are assessed to ensure they fit into an existing group and that their commitment level is high.  Each CGfBG™ has between 6 and 10 people and new members are allowed with the unanimous consent of everyone in the group.  Key criteria to join are answers to the following questions:

  • What would you like out of the CGfBG™?
  • What key skills and experience can you offer to the group?
  • Why should you be chosen to participate in this group?
  • Do you (would you like to) have a business mission or vision statement?
  • What are the three-year goals for your business?
  • Will you have/find time to participate in the CGfBG™ meetings and calls?
  • What is your commitment to moving forward in your business and personal life?

CGfBG™ create a win-win situation for all participants.  New friendships develop and everyone grows because of the support and encouragement from the CGfBG™ itself.

Available contracts and prices

For each group there are different payment plans available, depending on the level of commitment and of service for the member and they range between £125 and £175 per calendar month.

Each member of a CGfBG™ will get:

  • 1 monthly 3 ½ hour group session
  • 1 monthly 1 hour group conference call
  • Email assistance and “emergency” short calls with the coach during the month
  • Substantial discounts and promotions for the whole range of other Coaching and Consultancy services.

Code of Ethics

In order to establish a common working environment for all members of CGfBG™ the following Code of Ethics outlines a minimum code of conduct that will be expected by each member.

Infringing the Code of Ethics may start a disciplinary procedure that can incur a warning or termination of the membership for the infringing member.  In an ideal world all members should aim at standing in the middle of the Code of Ethics rather than to its edge.  All members will, to the best of their abilities and possibilities, try to:

  1. show a positive and respectful attitude toward all fellow members of the same or other CGfBG™s
  2. prepare in advance for each meeting ensuring the completion of all tasks and actions from the previous meeting or call;
  3. always ensure to arrive on time to each meeting and coaching call and leaving after their completion
  4. dedicate full attention to the session or call in progress avoiding distractions such as phone calls, text messages and emails
  5. be willing to learn new techniques and methodologies for helping themselves and others to improve their performance in business and life
  6. give the necessary priority and allocate time to promptly answer emails and other communications regarding their membership to the CGfBG™.