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BiQ Group is pleased to announce the launch of Graph-iQ – Intelligent Design. We have acquired an existing and experienced graphic design team and formed this division which, thanks to the project management, coaching and consulting support of BiQ Group, will provide not only state of the art graphic design work, but also results-based solutions to whoever in need of graphic design work.

The successful model which will enable Graph-iQ to provide you with professional and complete graphic design solutions focuses on .


At Graph-iQ, every single project is unique and a great deal of attention is paid to details and to your specific requirements. Without exception, we always invest time to fully understand what you and your company wish to achieve. From there, we build solutions which are tailored around these.

This kind of approach saves you time, money, any kind of hiccups and get you to where you are now to where you wish to be on the smoothest possible ride. We understand your needs, your goals, your ideas and propose solutions which are exclusive to you.

Your Time

Graph-iQ has been created as a division of a consulting, training and corporate coaching firm and so we are very respectful of the concept of time. For this reason we have equipped our team with all the resources required to complete each project as productively as possible and deliver it to you on time.

This does not mean working fast, it means smart! We invest our time to understand your specific requirements, goals, objectives and challenges before we accept the job so that you don’t have to spend that time waiting. We use our time intelligently so that you don’t have to use yours.

Your Message

At Graph-iQ you will most definitely find experienced, talented and proactive graphic designers and art directors; but this is only one part of the package.  The other part is made of experts in communication, advertising and copywriting ready to convey your message to your audience in a way that makes sense and produces results.

If needed, we can help you create the right message and ensure that it remains uncontaminated and clear so that it can have the desired effect on your target market.

For more information please visit Graph-iQ.Com

Good luck,
Luca Senatore

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